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All new friends must submit the information that I request for screening without exception. If you are uncomfortable sharing your information with me, I will understand and we are not a match. I prefer that you submit your information via my booking form below but will also accept an email with all of the information as well.


What services do you provide?

Far from the ladies posted up in a room somewhere waiting for the phone to ring  , I enjoy life and have an Awesome one!

I book my travel by EACH INDIVIDUAL request.
making me an Extremely Low Volume entertainer.
Pre booking I have found to be best ,as I plan my time for YOU , not minding a clock. 
 I await for YOUR email requesting me to meet you in a far /or nearby destination . 
I travel to your location whether in the US or International,
 book a room  should you desire in call in town and await our date as pre arranged. 
All for you! Our time is booked .
We enjoy each other then leave until we meet again.
My special attention to detail and the fact I travel at your Request only , Ensures we have an exceptional time every time. This is why I'm rated 9 ! let me be yours.



I am not a service-based provider. I provide an experience with many parallels to that of a girlfriend with a porn star attitude and one that will allow us to connect on emotional, intellectual, and physical levels. If you are the type to bring a mental checklist of acronyms to an appointment, we are not a good match.

Are You GFE PSE ? Whats on the menu?

I’m an experience, not a series of letters. If you approach me with a checklist of acronym-related activities, I will be sure to stay out of your grasp.
Neither one of us want to feel like we’re engaging in a business / non-personal transaction. A checklist personally is offensive to me. You wouldn’t want me viewing you as a walking ATM, would you? (That would be Automated Teller Machine, BTW!)

  References / Newbies

 - 3 provider references. Please include their email, website, and TER review profile. 


They must have an active online presence and at least five reviews under their profile.


B) Your handle on blog site eccie humanplex etc..


I accept P411 Members with at least two OK's!  Or at least two recent TER Whitelist.


Please include your Handle or PM me through the site.


Handles must be connected to your email. 


C)  YOUR INFORMATION (  sorry ..I am NO LONGER Newbie Friendly)


*I will check your photo ID and another means of identification (e.g. business card, credit card, etc) to confirm who you are. The more public information there is on you, the easier to screen with this method.*


  • Full name

  • Email address/Phone number

  • Work email - If this is what you choose to give me, you must email my very discreet email address from your work email.

  • Work phone - Or you may choose to give me your work phone number that matches the company directory.

  • Age

  • Race/Ethnicity

  • Company's name and website - INCLUDING job title

  • Social Media Account that is and has been active for years. Visible interactions must be shown.


Can You screen me in person?

Unfortunately, I can not. Before we meet I require my screening form completed or an email containing the requested information on my screening page


I cant afford your rates. Can we negotiate a different amount?

Suggesting that my rates are negotiable ensures that we will never meet.


Some things are better left unsaid. No, really.

Please never discuss, suggest, or imply any “favors” via email, text, phone, face-to-face, or by any other means of communication.

Please understand and agree that any money exchanged is for time and companionship only. Legally,I CANNOT AND WILL NOT DISCUSS or agree to any type of solicitation.

No fees or tips of any kind will be quoted, negotiated, assessed, or collected in exchange for any sexual conduct.

Anything other than companionship that may occur between us is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults of legal age, and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for, or compensated for in any manner.

I cannot and will not agree to any type of act, as that is solicitation, and is illegal. Again, this will end our time together very abruptly (and your donation will be forfeit).

I feel these should be all “common knowledge” but sometimes it does need to be spelled out for those who might be new to the fun. I’m very much looking forward to our exploration and enjoyment of time well spent.

I know that you will be a gentleman and be discreet, courteous, kind and respectful.
Please be aware that I do not discuss money or entertainment at any time


NEVER ask about services over phone or email OR IN PERSON. 

If you Read My site and reviews...

As for " in between visits", or casual dates off the clock... I dont do it.


 Donations are clearly stated... If you have to ask, I CANNOT SEE YOU.

Any specific inquiries should be addressed in person.   If I CAN answer , I will.

*** I make appointments via email only. No Vulgar texts.




This is for My protection and the discretion of my clients.

Gentleman - please note that all information you provide to me must be verified by me before I may accept any reservation that I make.

 In some cases I may make exceptions if you cannot provide a certain item ,  as long as it can be replaced by a different pertinent item.
Once your references check out I will then feel safe to meet with you. 

All information is for my eyes only and remain with me and me alone - after our  meeting, all information is deleted with the exception of certain cases I will save your contact info (but only when we both have agreed upon so for future time together.) Rest assured that I too will use complete discretion.

 ** To insure our time is uninterrupted, No cell phones , during our time together. 

**The Donation  should be placed in an unsealed envelope and left in clear view for me to see upon my arrival so that we may proceed with our quality time together. Preferably in the restroom. I should not have to inquire as to its whereabouts.

**I do require that excellent hygiene is maintained for our time together and that you are freshly showered and well groomed upon my arrival. (or your arrival) Please .***********

Should you wish to increase your time with me I am happy to do so if time permits.

Please note that my donations are not negotiable and can only make things embarrassing for both of us should you ask.

Blocked calls will be ignored.